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We were looking for someone to shoot a corporate promotional video for a clothing line we own. At the time, Andrew was still a student, but he came highly recommended. We took a chance on him and we’re so thankful we did. Andrew is courteous, professional, timely, reasonable, and incredibly talented. I’m confident we’re going to use this video for years and years to come. We could not be happier with the finished product. It embodies our brand and message perfectly. Andrew nailed it.
— Matt Houston, Marketing Director, Tree of Life Bookstores
I have had the privilege of working with Andrew for several years. As the marketing and communications director, I have hired Andrew to film and produce several advocate and promotional videos for 4KIDS of South Florida. Andrew is an amazing visionary. He takes the ideas presented to him and filters them through his lens, figuratively and literally, and creates something that is exactly what we wanted but more than we had imagined. Andrew has brought to life several stories for us that move those watching to tears and excite them to participate. It is for this reason I highly recommend Andrew for any video and production work.
— Timothy Frank, Marketing Director, 4KIDS of South Florida